Late Poems, 2007 - 2016 The GReen Man by Mike Bannister


"In this selection... we find brevity, lightness of touch which, combined with a distinctive lexical range, explores the territory between the naming of things, and the meaning of things.Above all there is a manifest ability to distil, from language and experience, a pure and genuine poetry, typified in 'Lapidary' which has something Shakespearean in the solemnity of is diction"

- Daniel Dragomiresu


Selected Poems pp.56



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The Green Man (Omul Verde)The GReen Man by Mike Bannister

English-Romanian text


Selected Poems pp.89



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Greenstreet Fragmentsgreenstreet fragments

“ Finally it is the people that I am left with: the crofters of Lochaber, Bradford’s pigeon fanciers, and Mike himself as a child in rural Worcestershire. The contexts might make them apparently remote from me and from each other; but the poet’s respect and delight in the magic of all their lives, gives the collection a delicate coherence. "
- Robert Petty


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Pocahontas in Ludgatepocahontas in ludgate

“ This book is filled with journeys, particularly sea voyages, loved places and homecomings; the ferry draws close to old familier places whch have grown, through memory and time, strangely new and beautiful.”
- James Knox-Whittet

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Orinsay Poemsorinsay peoms by mike bannister


ISBN is 978-1-908198-04-4


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